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Please be advised that MySchool Jamaica is NOW FREE for all Prep, Primary and High Schools!

Call 876 627 9001 today to have your school moved to the FREE MySchool School Management System.

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School Management Software

Cloud based software that keeps all stakeholders connected and in touch.

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A 'back-to-school' gift to Jamaican schools

World class school management software with free training and free support...what's not to like?

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Customer service during COVID-19

876 627 9001 / help@myschoolofficial.com

Jusst like most of you – we also work from home. We are a 100% diigital company. Even so, when you contact our customer service team, just know that despite home schooling, ‘day-care-at-home’ and an, at times, unreliable internet service, we are still here to help! 

Please have patience with us, as service over the telephone can be challenging at times. If you struggle to get through, then please write us an email in stead: help@myschoolofficial.com. We always answer within 24 hours – most times much quicker than that. We are of course also available over the in-app chat once you are logged in. 

Is Your School Ministry operated?

Through a partnership with the Ministry of Education we are transforming schools in Jamaica. Here is what that means for you...

Is Your School a JISA Member?

JISA members can now - just as with the MOEYI operated schools - enjoy free software. Sign up now to get the deal!

Independent but not a JISA member? ​

Independent Schools are not disadvantaged as a MySchool customer. Transform your school today!

Go Digital!

Scrap old fashioned processes, save money and lots of time by going digital. MySchool makes it easy.

Start up - risk free

MySchool Jamaica takes you through all steps of implementation so nothing is overlooked. Including free training for your staff!
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Features that boost communication

Just for you - new features includes chat and messaging functions as well as class room stories.

Engaging platform for all users

Check out all the features of MySchool Jamaica and learn how they make your work easier.
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iPhone and Andriod apps available

MySchool is cloud based so you can access it from anywhere and any device.

Download from Google Play/App store

As soon as your school is all set up on the Myschool platform then users can download and sign into the app.
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Training for all staff - FREE

Want to make sure that your staff is well versed in all things MySchool?

Register your staff for free training

Make sure all your teachers have gone through our step-by-step live webinars. They are available to your teachers calendar - not the other way around.
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