MySchool Features

Take a leap forward and retire paper based and old-fashioned attendance records, mark books and the like. 

Enjoy the benefits of going digital with a modern and flexible school management system.

Take a look at this brief introductory video that highlights how our school management software can help you, and how to get started.

How to choose?

MySchool is an intuitive school management system that actively engages both teachers and parents.
When you review which school management system is right for your school, you will find that most systems comprise some of the same basic features – so you need to look at “what makes this one different?”

MySchool has some unique and distinguishing features that you will not find elsewhere. Features that have been developed for processes and requirements that are typical for our British-based school system here in Jamaica.

Developed locally

Systems developed overseas will often leave you to download, install and implement by yourself. And they are often very expensive.  It is risky and difficult to manage.

MySchool, which was developed locally and in partnership with London based IT experts, as well as our users – teachers and principals. The development of MySchool has been completely user-driven and continues to be so. It is the only system tailor-made to accommodate the special circumstances and process in Jamaican schools. 

Sign up and let us take care of the entire process. Our local support team is ready to help whenever you are ready! 

Mark Book and grading

The Mark Book is central to MySchool. It is simple and easy for teachers to enter students’ grades, apply comments and update to the system – and it is uniquely tailored to accommodate and adjust to the grading system in your school. 

Some of the elements of the mark book include:

  • Tab separated mark sheet
  • Grading large or mixed classes.
  • Ability to insert any number of customizable columns
  • Individual column weighting


MySchool Jamaica is a feature-rich, yet simple cloud-based software that delivers insight, engagement and overview of performance and tasks.

One of the features our customers value the most is the dashboards. No matter which user type logs in, they are welcomed by a simple and clear overview of the most relevant items for them. 

The principal’s dashboards, in particular, is an important management tool and gives an instant, real time snapshot of how the school is performing. 


Teachers normally carry around a big attendance notebook, write down their records and later transfer that to a central register at the school office. It happens every single day. It is a requirement  from the school management, as well as from government. It is, however, not a requirement that it is done using pen and paper!

MySchool Jamaica has a feature specifically handling the task of taking attendance. We have even made it possible to distinguish between homeroom and subject attendance. Accessible from both the web as well as the MySchool app, the attendance feature takes away a tedious and time-consuming task that is performed every day. 

The attendance feature allows teachers to record attendance with just a few taps in the app. The information is then immediately available to principals and parents and gives actionable information at an instant. 

Comments register


Elimination of repetitive tasks has driven much of the MySchool development. By introducing a comments register – well, 2 actually – we shave off hours of wasted time for teachers, school supervisors and principals. 

Every time a Mark book  and mark sheets are updated, teachers typically connect a comment to a students performance. So does the form teacher, the supervisor and occasionally the principal. 

Based on the user type logged in, MySchool makes a list of pre-approved, yet customizable, comments available during the process of completing a student’s report card. 

Other unique MySchool features

Report Cards & Transcripts are automatically generated from the cumulative records maintained in the system. At the click of a button individual report cards can be generated – or even the entire school’s report cards – and then published to the students’ user accounts. No time is wasted on gathering information and no money has been spent on printing and distributing copies of the reports. It is instant and efficient!  

Registering a student is simple in MySchool. The user-friendly profile screens let you capture all the
necessary information required to register your students.
Their profiles are accessible by principals, teachers and other school administration staff – each with different levels of access.

With all student files gathered in one place, accessible via the cloud, your records are safe and secure. From the same student profile screens, the school administration can manage payments for that student, print off vouchers etc. 

All users in MySchool have a top-modern communication platform at their fingertips. 
In our ‘Class stories’ feature teachers can give parents a peak into what goes on in the class by upload pictures and videos. That way parents can follow their children throughout the day. 

The messaging tool gives access to communication with anyone in the school – regardless of the user type. Students can start work groups, teachers and administration staff can message parents as a group or individuals. In general MySchool is a hub for all school communications. 

At the end of every school year all schools have a host of tasks to complete in preparation for the new school year ahead. 

MySchool has a smart ‘end of year’ wizard that easily and efficiently lets you promote all students and set-up the new school year without breaking a sweat. 

No school management system can be implemented and used without questions and queries popping up. Although your team will be offered full training of the system there will always be unforeseen questions which can only be solved with the help of an available and skilled support person. 

MySchool has a dedicated and local team on stand-by to help teachers, admin staff and principals via chat and telephone. Just get in touch.