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JISA exclusive

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MySchool Jamaica has partnered with JISA to deliver an incredible advantage to its members. As a one-off opportunity JISA members are given free school management software and a free trial period on both hosting and parent access.

Three aspects of MSJ are very important to me. Firstly, the ‘Principals Dashboard’ is an important management tool for me. The data it provides is instant and is very important. Secondly, the Markbook feature where the progress of students and teachers is logged on an ongoing basis. It gives me an analysis on a regular basis that I have come to rely on. Lastly, publishing and printing final reports effortlessly is a significant benefit of the system.” 

Jasford Gabriel, Principal, Manchester High

Here is what you need to know...

MySchool Jamaica is Jamaica’s number 1 school management software. We have developed it in partnership with Jamaican teachers and principals, and so it is uniquely suited to handle the typical processes you and your school goes through every day, every semester and every year. Finally you can eliminate paper based tasks and thereby manage your school more effectively while engaging your parent group every day. 

MySchool is accessible via the internet from your computer, tablet or telephone – but even without internet connection your teachers will still be able to use our phone app’s. 

With MySchool Jamaica your school data is perfectly safe. MySchool is an organisation with professional management and a dedicated support team, which means you are never dependent on just one person. We host our data with one of the largest hosting providers in the world, and have the same built-in encryption technology that you see in online banking to safeguard your users’ login process. Once your data is uploaded to our database it is secure and not even accessible by our support staff.   

MySchool Jamaica comprise 4 main modules: 


We are committed to your school embracing MySchool from day 1!

We ensure your implementation is complete and successful. We provide free training for your teachers and give them direct ongoing support. 
Our team is always available via both chat or telephone. 


A range of administrative features supports all the operational processes in your school. 

With effortless generation of report cards and transcripts, as well as on-demand analysis, control of school settings, enrollment and payments you can now take data-driven and timely action. 


Engaging your school’s parents has never been this simple. 

Through the app, parents will be logging in on a daily basis to check up on anything and everything relating to their child’s day in school. 

With chat and messaging functions information is easily sent to parents, teachers and staff. 


Without being tied to the computer lab, teachers can open the MySchool phone app and:

Take attendance

Use the Mark book

Upload homework

Communicate with parents