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Class Attendance

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What is subject attendance

The Subject Class Attendance feature allows teachers of different subjects and classes to mark the attendance registry just for specific classes or subjects the students attend. The subject attendance rate forms part of the students overall attendance rate

Who marks subject attendance?

All teachers can mark attendance for the subjects they teach. Whether or not subject attendance is marked, is something the school typically decides on depending on how granular they want the attendance records. Subject attendance is most often used in high schools, but more and more primary and preparatory schools chose to add class attendance to provide an even better service to parents and students.

Who can view subject attendance?

When logged in, students can view their own attendance rate, parents can view their children’s attendance rates, and teachers can view the attendance rate for students belonging to their class or homeroom. Of course, a grade supervisor has access to all attendance rates for the students in their grade while the Principal can view everything.

Where can I find the Class Attendance feature

When you are logged into the MySchool software as a teacher the attendance features in one of the tabs you see at the top after selecting to ‘view’ the particular class. When logged in as a Principal/Administrator you will need to access the individual classes via the ‘Manage – classes’ menu item at the top. 

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