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Homeroom attendance is the registry a homeroom teacher completes in the morning and afternoon for his or her homeroom. It allows the teacher to make a simple selection for either AM attendance or PM attendance for each child, registering the child either Present, Late, Absent or Excused.

Who takes attendance?

Attendance is registered every day by the Homeroom teacher. If the Homeroom teacher is unavailable the Principal has access to Homeroom Attendance via ‘Manage – Homerooms’ and can mark the register on behalf of the teacher.

Who can view attendance records?

MySchool allows administrators and Principals to access attendance records for all students in the school. For all other users information is restricted based on user type. Thus the student will only be able to view their own attendance records; parent/guardian will only be able to view attendance for their child; the homeroom teacher will only be able to view attendance for his/her homeroom and the Grade supervisor will only be able to view attendance for the classes at their grade level.

Lastly, the Ministry of Education has access to view attendance for all students at schools operated by the Ministry of Education.

How often is homeroom attendance taken?

Homeroom attendance should be taken every morning and every afternoon. However, depending on the availability of hardware in the schools attendance can be taken at any point within a ‘closed period’. 

What does P, L, A, E mean?
When you click on either the AM or PM field you will see a letter appear and the colour of the box change. The letter P stands for Present, the letter L stands for Late, the letter A stands for Absent and the letter E stands for Excused. They each represent the different options that can be selected when marking a student’s attendance registry. 

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