HOW TO – Adding or removing students to/from a homeroom – Video

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HOW TO – Adding or removing students to/from a homeroom – Video

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Your class teachers or homeroom teachers may see a student in their homeroom or classes that shouldn’t be there. Or perhaps a student is missing from a subject class or homeroom. Or maybe you are setting up a new homeroom for the first time and are adding students to it for the first time. These tasks are all handled in the ‘Manage – Homerooms’ menu item.

When setting up classes your teachers have the option to pick either a mixed group of students from different homerooms, or a class based on a homeroom. Therefore changes made in homerooms affect what students are shown in the subject classes as well.

The video below shows you how to edit which students are in a homeroom that has already been created, by either removing a student and putting him/her in another homeroom. Or by adding a student from a holding homeroom or another homeroom.

To use the ‘Manage – Homerooms’ feature you must be logged in as a Principal or Administrator.

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