HOW TO – Set up a new homeroom – Video

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HOW TO – Set up a new homeroom – Video

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When would you set up a new homeroom? You would do that when you just start up as a new school on the MySchool software. Depending on how and what data was imported at start-up, you may have to go to the ‘Manage – Homerooms’ and create all the homerooms you have in your school. So that would be a homeroom for each stream for every grade level.

Adding a new homeroom is a simple, but very important part of setting up your school for the first time. The homerooms form the basis upon which we subsequently create subject classes for the individual teachers, so getting the homerooms set up from the beginning is important.

Whatever changes you make to a homeroom will be reflected in the Homeroom Attendance features, as well as in all other areas where the homeroom is used e.g. in the class attendance and the mark book.

The video below shows you how to quickly set up a new homeroom. After setting up the homeroom you will need to add students and assign a homeroom teacher. To use the ‘Manage – Homerooms’ feature you must be logged in as a Principal or Administrator.

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