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MySchool is an intuitive and simple school management system to use. Even so, from time to time we all need a little help, and our help section is full of video tutorials that will take you through all of the features.

Taking on the job of implementing a school management system can be a bit daunting, but we are here to help you.
Our help section is designed to make it easy get become familiar with the individual features, but if you have just been introduced to the system here is the order in which we recommend that you get everything done.

STEP 1 – Download, bookmark and log in

  1. First, download the MySchool app to your android mobile phone or device.
  2. Find your activation email in your inbox. That activation email has a link that allows you to create your username and password, which you will need both in the mobile application, but also when logging on via a normal internet browser (we recommend Google Chrome!). If you are an administrator / Principal please remind your teachers to do the same so they too can log in. Remember that if either of you or your teachers have problems logging in then our team is here to help :
  3. Open the MySchool website if you are working on e.g. a laptop and type in – that will take you to our website. Click on ‘login’ in the top right hand corner and bookmark the login page for future use .
  4. From the login page, simply select your school from the drop down list, enter your username/email address and password and you’re in! Well…the first time you login you have to accept our End User Licence Agreement, but after that…you’re in! Welcome to your MySchool Dashboard!

Step 2 – Get your admin environment ready

Before sending you an activation email our team would have helped onboard your school. That means, your students should already be loaded into the system. Just like your teachers, homerooms and several other bits of information that helps us configure your system.

For you and your teachers to effectively use the system there are however, a few steps you as a Principal / Administrator have to go through:

  1. Familiarise yourself with how the different elements of the system all fit together. We have a short video that shows how students, teachers, homerooms and classes are all linked and have changes in one place is reflected in certain features. Take a few minutes to watch our ‘How features are linked’ tutorial.
  2. Find our ‘Knowledge Base’ where all our training and help tutorials can be found.
  3. Create or edit your teachers if needed
  4. Add or edit students if necessary – this is something that you will manage on an ongoing basis in the system from now. Over time we recommend that you digitise your manual records by scanning in the documents you keep on file for your students and simply upload them to the student profile.
  5. Create new homerooms if needed and add or remove students as necessary.
  6. Assign your homeroom teachers to their respective homerooms. Once this is done your homeroom teachers can log on to their system and check whether the right students appear in their homerooms. Should a student be missing or is a student incorrectly assigned to their homeroom, then you as administrator will have to edit the students assigned – note that your teacher does NOT have access to do that.

Step 3 – Get your teachers up to speed

You will need to offer your teachers some support from the beginning. Here is what we recommend:

  • Help your teachers with all the elements in ‘Step 1 – Download, Bookmark and Log in’. They will need to do exactly what you did to create their username and password and log on for the first time.
  • Once your homeroom teachers have logged in they should open their homeroom and check that they see the correct student list. Remember that only you as a Principal /Administrator is able to make changes to the homeroom! If a homeroom teacher does not see the ‘Homeroom’ menu item in the top bar it simply means that you have not assigned them as teacher to a homeroom – you will need to do that before they can proceed.
  • Your subject teachers (= not your homeroom teachers) will NOT see the ‘Homeroom’ menu item in the top bar. Only your homeroom teachers will see that menu item. They will, however, all see the ‘classes’ menu item from the menu bar at the top. That’s where they should start.
    Here are the training videos you should encourage your teachers to watch – and in this order:
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