Registration – step 2

Registration – step 2

Thanks for submitting that information! 

The information you have just given us will be editable from the settings section in MySchool Jamaica. The data is also used to populate other areas of the software platform and configure the system to accommodate exactly how you run your school. 

There are a few more pieces of information that we need from you, which is best submitted in Excel or Google Sheets. Here’s what we need: 

  • A list of all your students
  • A list of all your teachers
  • A list of all your parents

If you click here you will download a school data template that shows you which format we prefer you submit this information in. If you don’t have the information at hand in a format like this, then just get in touch. We are happy to help clean it up and convert it from whichever format you have it in today. 

Email your list to – or call us at +1 876 627 9001 to get help.