Secure a training date!

Get off to a good start with MySchool Jamaica – get your staff trained!

With a new school management system comes new skills – and they can all be acquired online during interactive webinars. Once your school has gone through our on-boarding and implementation phase, then all your teachers will be invited to join our webinar series. Free of charge of course. 

We have put together a great program with practical application of the software where we go through all the tools your staff will be using every day. 

The webinars are feature specific, so your users will go through all teacher and administration tools and become experts in them all. Should any questions or queries pop up as and when teachers and other staff use the system – then all they have to do it send us a message via our chat service, or simply call us. We have a dedicated team ready to help. 

How to access training?

All school staff is given free training. Once a user has received their activation email, they will automatically be invited to register for our online and interactive webinar training.  

Register today to get your school onto the MySchool Jamaica platform!