What is MySchool

What is MySchool

Market leader in the cloud

Since 2004 MySchool Jamaica has helped schools in Jamaica become efficient and improve the way they operate. As the most widely used School Management Software MySchool helps forward-thinking and ambitious school Principals and Boards of Directors save time and money – while implementing an invaluable tool to steer the school, teachers and students to better performance. 

School Management software enables educational institutions of all types to automate a range of administrative and operational tasks with a series of benefits as a result, ranging from costs- and time savings, better decision making processes and greater parent and teacher engagement.

The outlook of going digital  and moving all manual processes to a dedicated School Management System can be an overwhelming and daunting thought. But it doesn’t have to be. MySchool removes the hurdles and steers your school through implementation, training, adoption and dedicates ongoing support to all school staff.

Rooted in Jamaica
MySchool was developed by a Jamaican software company over 14 years ago, and has gone through different improvements and upgrades during that time. Improvements to our system have always been driven by our users – teachers and principals – and done in partnership with a UK specialist development team. We invite you to r
ead more about MySchool’s history, which will show you how dedicated we are to help schools in Jamaica. 

Benefits to all users

Myschool offers so much more than just a school management platform. Throughout the use of the software your school’s users will be gifted a range of tips, reminders, bonus information and exclusive benefits courtesy of a select group of partners. Here’s how the users benefit from our platform:

Students & Parents

Students and their parents now have a window into the school activities on a daily basis. 

Not only does MySchool give access to the software and all it’s tools, but we also make a host of information and resources available to aid each family in supporting the students’ growth and learning process. 


MySchool is developed to help teachers in all possible ways. We’ve gone above and beyond to deliver a system that takes the headache out of manual tasks while engaging parents daily. 

Once logged in, your teachers have a set of dedicated tools that will soon become second nature and indispensable.  

Principals & Admin

Now you no longer have to contend with incomplete data, students – or indeed teachers – falling behind without catching it early. All the information you will ever need is one click away.

The MySchool support team is here to help interpret and apply all the information and reports generated by MySchool.